For whom/ When?

Body Mind Therapy can be very helpful in dealing with difficulties linked to your family, social or professional life. Body Mind Therapy allows you to:

  • Improve your relationships with others and with the world
  • Improve the way you function, discover new strengths within you, know yourself better
  • Make choices in life which are in harmony with who you really are 
  • Set your limits and not let yourself get overwhelmed
  • Improve your self confidence, feel better with who you are
  • Get through grief, a separation or a big life change
  • Manage and appease your stress levels
  • Prepare better for a test, an interview or an exam
  • Live more harmoniously with chronic pain
  • Open up to what is present with goodwill
  • Be fully present to yourself and to life
  • Attain an anchored experience of your spirituality and bring greater meaning to your life

There are a number of options available. You could opt for:

  • a basic introduction to the tools of Integrative Body Psychotherapy
  • a limited amount of sessions to acquire the skills you need to manage the problem(s) you are facing
  • a more thorough therapy - useful if you are going through a difficult period
  • continuing the journey you may already have started with another therapy, so as to include the physical dimension.

What happens during a session?