Meditation is a moment to unwind, to resource yourself and to put your life into perspective. It helps you connect to an inner calm and tranquility and teaches you embrace what is, in the present moment. Contrary to popular belief, the aim of meditation is not to resist to thoughts, but to learn to observe them and to greet them calmly, without resistance and with equanimity. It’s accessing this unconditional openness that leads to a calming of thoughts and a feeling of inner peace.

The practice of meditation is very simple and does not require any particular set up. It can be done sitting on a chair, or a zafu, lying down or even in movement. The aim is to be able to integrate it progressively in your daily life, no matter what situation you find yourself in. By practicing regularly, you will be able to feel a state of ‘natural being’, a tranquil presence, a state that is actually what we are in essence.

This does not mean ‘floating on a cloud’, completely disconnected from the world, other people and responsibilities. On the contrary, it means being very present, lucid, calm and feeling carried by the flow of life, in the thick of action and connected with others.

During an individual session, we start by relaxing and opening the body and mind by doing some simple movements and taking some calming breaths. You are invited to get into a position that is comfortable for you, and I then guide you through the meditation, taking into account any specific requests you may have. To close the session, we go over any thoughts or questions you may want to share.

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