What is a Body Mind Therapy?

A Body Mind Therapy is a process that highlights the mechanisms that make us feel restricted or uncomfortable. It enables a way of functioning that is more aligned, in harmony with who we are.

One of Body Mind Therapy’s central aims is to help you truly listen to your body, so that you can understand what is really being experienced inside, in relation to the outside world.

Listening, with the support of a therapist, to what is felt - tension, resistance, knots, fatigue, pain, or the opposite - fluidity, openness, and vitality - allows you to become aware of and let go of layers of emotions and underlying feelings, along with the thoughts and beliefs that accompany them, which can often be limiting.

The process helps shed light on your strengths and potential pitfalls. It helps you embrace the flow of your inner life and feel what is right for you, without resorting to a flight, fight or freeze reaction. By creating new imprints, new cellular memories and alternative reflexes when interacting with others, it helps you gain an experience of yourself differentiated from the past.

Body Mind Therapy: Who is it for? When?