Yoga/Non-Duality: What does this approach entail?

Listening and being present lie at the heart of this practice. It’s a journey that moves through the awareness of ourselves, - body awareness, perceptions, energy flow, feelings, thoughts - and the awareness of our surroundings, to result in the connexion and the realization of our true nature, our essential Self.

Sessions may vary, but they are always centered on being fully in the present, in the here and now. They consist of gentle stretching exercises, postures and calming moves, all of which encourage relaxation, an improved circulation of energy and a sense of openness, suppleness and grounding. A real meditation in movement, every gesture in the sessions is made mindfully, as a result of the verbal guidance given in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Apart from yoga, other techniques can be used depending on what specific needs are, such as: Do In (a self-massage aimed at helping energy circulate), the Release technique, visualisation, breathing techniques, seated meditation, relaxation (nidra yoga), mantras, massage, as well as self-investigation techniques (Jnana Yoga) which come from the non-dual teachings.

What happens during a session?